Village of Malta

120 S. Third Street, Malta IL. 60150 815-825-2330

Utility Customers

The Village of Malta recently purchased a new utility software package that meets the technology requirement of today.

Effective April 10, 2009 you will see a change in the format of the utility bills.  Click the link below for more information

New Utility Billing Format 

The Village of Malta provides Water, Wastewater, and Garbage

All new utility customers need to call the Village Hall Office at 815/825-2330 to start new service or complete the on-line form.  Information needed:  Date you will be moving in, address, emergency telephone number, and 1forms of identification ( drivers license number, last four digets of social security number or state identification number ).  It is required by Village Code that in a rental situation the Property Owner must call with any utility changes, as they are the ultimate responsible party.  Meter readings are taken once the Village is notified.  Utilities are billed 4 times a year January 10th, April 10th, July 10th, and October 10th.  Accounts are due payable on the 10th of the following month.  You may also e-mail this information to: [email protected].


By Village Code the following charges apply:

Water $3.25 per 1000 gallons  

Sewer $2.50 per 1000 gallons    

User Fee       $20.00 -  A flat charge billed each quarter to all users of the system. These collected fees pay for fixed charges associated with        system maintenance and repair. Billed on a per unit basis.

Debt Service  $20.00 per unit - A flat charge billed to all accounts for utility system owed debt.   This is a flat charge billed to each user of the system on a per unit basis.

Meter Fee - A flat charge billed to pay replacement costs of  utility meters.  These charges are different depending on the type of metering equipment each customer has installed.

Garbage - A flat quarterly charge determined by size of container includes recycling.  Service is mandatory for every property within the Village of Malta regardless of use. Service is Contracted based on the number of homes. 

Call the Village with any questions at 815-825-2330

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I pay a user fee?  The user fee is a equilizer factor due to different homes using different amounts of water.   It cost the Village a certain amount of dollars to maintain service to each residents ( maintenance of underground lines, electricity, gas, labor, equipment costs, reporting, billing, etc..) Each home pays a user charge that is divisible by the costs of maintaining these fixed costs.

Then why do I pay a water charge and a sewer charge also?  Theses charges are also for the system based on how much water and sewer you actually use.  These fees equalize the fees needed to properly maintain the system.  

What is debt service "I don't owe anything"?  Debt Service Charges are to pay off Bonded debt of the Village of Malta.  Certain repairs and replacements take more money than the Village can produce through its utility customers.  The Village must then borrow the money through Revenue Bonds and repay the loan for these repairs or replacements.  The payments for these borrowed funds are divided by the number of users of the system to repay the bonded debt.  Every property in the Village who is connected to the Village water mains or sewer mains even if only by a connection box must pay these charges.