Village of Malta

302 S. 2nd Street, Malta IL. 60150 815-825-2330

Electric Aggregation

December 2021

 Electric Aggregation has been suspended.  Customers have been returned to ComEd for service.  Contact us at 815-825-2330 ext. 5 with questions. 

 Municipal Aggregation

 Electric Supplier Update

The Village of Malta residents by referendum approved energy aggregation.  The latest program  provided by AEP Energy ends on September 31 2021. The new supplier Eligo Energy will operate as an "Opt-Out" program as is provided by law.  Opt-Out letters will be mailed to all residents and small businesses that were participating in the previous aggregation program in August.  If you want to continue with the program do nothing you are automatically enrolled.  If you no longer want to be in the aggregation program complete the opt-out portion and return it, you will be converted back to ComEd. Opt-In letters were mailed to those residents and small business with an alternative suppliers (not currently in the aggregation program). If you want to join the aggregation program complete the opt-in portion of the mailer to join and return.  

Price for service with the new supplier Eligo Energy will be 0.065889 per kWh, calculated pursuant to the Power Supply Agreement. ComEd will handle all billing.  ComEd distribution charges and related taxes will be itemized separately by ComEd in your bill and are not included in the price under this Agreement. You are responsible to pay ComEd for these charges.

Please direct inquiries to Progressive Energy Group Shawn Ajazi, at (630) 882-6100 or (800) 856-3404, broker for the Village of Malta.