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Water & Sewer Policy

Water & Wastewater Policy




Property Owner is responsible for  payment.  Sending bill to tenant is a courtesy service, not an allocation of responsibility. Tenant billing can be revoked if the tenant is past due for 3 quarters. Bills will then go directly to owner only.


New Service -Property Owner must contact the Village to start utility services an initial meter reading will be taken.


Adjustments –Water and Wastewater usage is charged by actual meter readings.All metered usage must be paid. It is not the Village’s responsibility to justify excessive usages.   


Faulty Meter - Meters come certified as accurate when purchased. As meters age they slow down and do not register the actual water used they register less water.  From time to time a customer will feel they have a faulty meter due to a high usage bill.  The Village policy is that the customer pay to have the meter replaced and tested at a fee of $125.00.  Once the fee is collected the Village will put a new meter in the home.  The old meter is sent to a certified test bench where it is tested for accuracy.  If the meter tests accurate or not operating above 100% there is no rebate on the initial fee. If the meter is found to be faulty a refund of the initial fees collected is give by credit to the customers account. We suggest you re-examine your usage and look for other areas of water loss in your home (plumbing leaks, toilet leaks, etc..) prior to paying meter replacement and testing fees.


Bills: sent by the 10th of the month, due by the 10th of the next month.

  1. *Late Notice: sent giving 15 days to pay
  2. *Delinquent Fee: 10% fee will be added to bills not paid by original due date
  3. *Shut Off will occur if payment is not made by designated date. 

Post-Dated Checks are not accepted. Payment arrangements can be made by the property owner and are due paid in full prior to the next  billing cycle.  All late fees apply. 


Non-Sufficient Funds Checks sent through twice, then treated as non-payment. NFS Charge of $35.00 posted to account. Service terminated until paid in full.


Meters reading are the end of the month billed bi-monthly.  


Outside Remote Meter will be 4 feet from ground with access and visibility kept unobstructed for ease of reading, outside of any fence.


Usage is Metered through meter connected in water line.  Remote reading is a service.  Owner must make inside meters available if requested.


Sewer Line Responsibility is Village’s at the sewer main connection.


Water Line Responsibility is Village’s at the connection box (village owns service box).  


Village Owns Meter: Faulty meters will be replaced at the Village’s expense.  If user neglect or abuse is determined, (i.e. frozen or visible damage or tampering), it will be replaced at the property owner’s expense.


Meter Change-Out Rotation will be on a 8-10 yr schedule. 


Broken Meter letter sent giving 15 days to make an appointment or service will be termination.


Broken Meter Billing to be average of last three quarters.


Duplexes or Apartments with only one property shut off: the nonpayment of one will result in the shut off of ALL units.


Garbage Service – The Village contracts garbage service through Waste Management. All single family and duplex properties are charged for garbage regardless of use per Village Code. 


Service Complaints – Must be received in writing to the attention of the Utilities Committee. Village of Malta, P.O. Box 53, Malta IL. 60150




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